Core Services

All rates listed are WSU internal rates and are for institutional users.  Any external (non-WSU users) interested in using our facilities, please contact core personnel for external rates.

Microscope Time & Services
minimum one hour charge

Leica TCS SP5 $70/hour
Zeiss LSM-780 with Tunable Laser $70/hour
Zeiss LSM-510 META NLO $56/hour
Zeiss Cell Observer Spinning Disk Microscope $50/hour
Zeiss LSM 800 (iBio Building) $60/hour
Leica TCS SP8 (Biological Sciences Building, main campus) $60/hour
Leica DMi8 Inverted Epifluorescence Microscope $25/hour
Sartorius Incucyte Live Cell Imaging System $2/hour

Zeiss Axiovert Inverted Epifluorescence Microscope


Dedicated Technician Assistance


+ equipment rate

Electron Microscopy Services


Electron Microscopy Image Acquisition on Gemini300 (with technician assistance)

Thin sectioning of EM block $65/hour
EM sample preparation: Maximum 6 groups of 4 samples each (24 block max total) $300/flat rate
Sample setup for block face Gatan 3View imaging $250/sample
Block face automated imaging on the Gatan 3View $30/hour
Training for Dragonfly image processing software (EM software) $65/hour
Dragonfly image processing workstation usage $25/hour

Image Analysis and Data Services
minimum one hour charge

Image Analysis Workstation - Volocity or Huygens Software $25/hour
Technician Assistance (Acquire and/or Analyze Images) $60/hour
Server Account for transfer of image data (no charge)

In Vivo Imaging Services
minimum one hour charge, except for the IVIS Spectrum CT and the In Vivo Extreme. These instruments have a 30 minute minimum charge.

Bruker (formerly Carestream) In Vivo Xtreme $98/hour
Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum CT $98/hour
iThera MSOT $100/hour
iThera RSOM P50 Explorer $100/hour
Siemens Inveon SPECT/CT $200/hour
Bruker Albira Si MicroPET/CT Imager $260/hour
X-Rad 320 Irradiator $28/hour
Technician Assistance  $60/hour

Cytometry Services


Analytical Flow Cytometry (minimum 30 min charge)


Cell Sorting  (minimum 1 hour charge)


 Imaging Cytometry (minimum 1 hour charge)


Data Analysis Workstation (minimum 15 min charge)


Technician Assistance  $60/hour

All prices are for equipment usage only, and do not include technician time unless noted.
Rates are current, as of October 1, 2022.
MICR rates are determined by Wayne State University, and are subject to change without notice.