UPDATE: Covid-19 Policy

  • ALL Users will be required to wear face masks and gloves in MICR spaces. Face masks and gloves are to be provided by the users and their PIs, NOT MICR.
  • All appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • No instrument training will be provided until further notice.
  • Only one person is allowed at their scheduled appointment time.
  • Due to space limitations, some instrument calendars will be restricted from simultaneous use.
  • All University social-distancing rules and occupancy limitations will be enforced.
  • All instrumentation will be cleaned after every use. Independent (Unassisted) users at all MICR satellite facilities will be required to perform instrument cleaning using MICR-provided sprays following use.


Thank you for your cooperation during this time. MICR staff will be working in rotating shifts, so if you have specific questions about booking appointments please contact:

Microscopy:   Linda Mayernik    lmayerni@med.wayne.edu

Flow Cytometry:  Jessica Back    backj@karmanos.org

In Vivo Imaging:  Xin Lu    xlu@med.wayne.edu

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact Dr. Moin (kmoin@wayne.edu) or me.


Consultation - Which Imaging Equipment is Right for Your Experiment?

New users are encouraged to meet with the core director, Dr. Kamiar Moin, for help with planning imaging experiments in terms of sample preparation and determining which equipment is most appropriate for the planned experiment. 

Scheduling MICR Services and Equipment

To schedule MICR equipment and services, please use the web scheduling application, Infinity Software by IdeaElan. See the Scheduling (Infinity) page for instructions for creating an Infinity account. Please create your own account (do not use your PI's or another lab member's WSU Access ID). When scheduling your imaging time, please consider file saving and export a part of your appointment.

Resources are available on a first call, first served basis. Appointments may not be scheduled greater than 2 weeks in advance. The microscopes book rapidly, so you must plan accordingly.

Cancellations must be called in at least 24 hours in advance. Missed appointments will result in usage charges to the principal investigator, regardless of core membership. Your appointment is considered a no-show after 30 minutes of your scheduled time has elapsed, and your time will be given to the next person on the stand-by list. Please call if you will be late and arrangements will be made.

Walk-in Policy

Please make your appointment 24 hours in advance. Walk-in appointments are accepted at MICR staff discretion. Walk-in appointments requiring extended assistance are likely to be refused if staff members are busy with other users or with core business. Please plan your experiments involving imaging with your imaging appointment in mind.

Requesting Assistance

Please let MICR staff know ahead of time if you will need extended assistance by checking "Yes" in the "Will Assistance Be Required?" check box in your iLabs appointment. MICR Staff is happy to assist with any matter related to equipment malfunction, equipment operation, imaging technique, initial training or retraining. Prolonged or extended assistance (occupying staff for greater than 30 minutes) will incur a charge of $60/hour, except in cases of equipment malfunction.

Initial training is provided once per lab for the rate of technician time ($60/hour); subsequent training will be billed at the normal equipment rate plus the technician rate of $60/hour.

Using the Equipment

You should find the imaging equipment that you have signed up for on and ready when you arrive. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you are unsure about how to operate the equipment or how best to optimize your settings or plan for image analysis. Please clean your lens before you leave if you used an oil or water immersion lens. Please do not shut down the acquisition software.

Please remember to record your time on the usage log -- this is essential for accurate billing.

Your Data is Your Responsibility

MICR hard drives are not for storage of user data. Hard drives are cleared periodically as part of an effort to keep acquisition software running smoothly. The MICR UNIX server is available to transport your image data; each lab is entitled to one free account. Please contact Linda Mayernik if your lab does not have one.

Clients are responsible for securing and storing their own data please do not leave without your original image data. 

Please note: Microscopes will NOT be initialized so you can retrieve your data from the hard drive, nor will other users be asked to pause their experiments so that you can retrieve your data from the hard drive.

Using the MICR Server

Download instructions for using the server. (Note: document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Policies are set by Advisory Board.