Leica TCS SP8- Room 0376 Biology Building, main campus

  • Solid state diode lasers in the following wavelengths:
    • 405 nm
    • 488 nm 
    • 552 nm
    • 632 nm
  • Employs the Acousto Optical Beam Splitter (AOBS). 
  • AOTF completely replaces all shutters, attenuation filters and line selection filters by a single crystal that is mechanically fixed in place.
  • Leica DMi8 inverted microscope with automated programmable scanning stage, motorized lens turret, and touchscreen command center
  • Available objectives include 20x (not UV rated), 40x oil CS2 (chromatically corrected-ideal for UV dyes); 63x oil CS2 (chromatically corrected-ideal for UV dyes), and 100x (not UV rated)
  • Computer command center with sophisicated imaging and ratiometric software, running Windows 8 and LAS_X acquisition software

To access the user's guide for the Leica SP8, click on Users Guide.

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