Leica TCS SP5

  • 405 nm diode laser
  • 458/476/488/496/514 nm multiline Argon laser
  • 543 nm HeNe laser
  • 594 nm HeNe laser
  • 633 nm HeNe laser
  • Spectra-Physics MaiTai Ti:Sa Multiphoton near infrared laser, tunable from 720-1000 nm
  • Five prism spectral detectors, a transmitted light detector and two non-descanned detectors for sensitive multiphoton imaging
  • Resonant scanning mode (up to 200 fps)
  • Specimen incubator with temperature, humidity and CO2 control
  • Leica DMI6000 CS inverted microscope with automated programmable scanning stage and motorized lens turret
  • HCX PL APO CS 10x/0.4 objective, HCX PL APO CS 20x/0.7 objective, HCX PL APO CS 40x 1.25 oil objective, HCX PL APO lambda blue 63x/1.4 oil objective
  • Computer command center with sophisicated imaging and ratiometric software, running Windows XP Pro and LAS_AF acquisition software

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