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School of Medicine


Microscopy Equipment

Laser (Point) Scanning Confocal Microscopes

Spinning Disk Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

"Structured Illumination" Optical Sectioning Microscope

Conventional Transmitted Light Microscope

Objective Lenses

• 5x/0.15 • 40x/0.6 Korr (LD) • 63x/0.75 Korr (LD)
• 10x/0.3 • 40x/0.75 • 63x/0.9 W*
• 10x/0.3 Ph1 • 40x/0.75 W Ph2* • 63x/1.0 VIS-IR*
• 10x/0.3 W Ph1* • 40x/0.8 W* • 63x/1.2 W Korr
• 20x/0.5 Ph2 • 40x/0.8 W (IR)* • 63x/1/25 Oil
• 20x/0.5 W* • 40x/1.3 Oil • 63x/1.4 Oil Ph3
• 20x/1.0 DIC (UV)* • 40x/1.3 Oil DIC • 63x/1.4 Oil DIC**
  • 40x/1.3 Oil DIC • 100x/1.3 Oil
    • 100x/1.4 Oil DIC
* ceramic dipping lens           ** does not transmit UV light
Objectives in italics are designed to fit only the Zeiss LSM780 and the Zeiss Cell Observer Spinning Disk microscopes.
(List of Zeiss objectives. For Leica objectives, please see Leica TCS SP5.)













Image Analysis Workstation

Dual boot: Apple Mac Pro (Intel) Workstation running


Flow Cytometry Equipment

In Vivo Imaging Systems